Compy 15

Compy 15

10th Feb 2010

Compilation time!

As some of you may know, I work as a web designer, which means sitting at my computer for many hours. To help me work efficiently I listen to music and what I find works best is something deep and chilled-out but not too minimal, it has melody but isn't too poppy and is most likely instrumental (I find lyrics too much of a distraction). So with Compy 15 I present the perfect mix to work to.

The opening nine minute monster by Koi sets the scene; it's this deep, spacey sound that informs the rest of the mix. It smoothly merges into Tunnels Ov Set from the last The Black Dog album (Further Vexations) before we get a slight change of pace with the dubby Language of the Soul by Silicone Soul.

Fourth track, A Man And A Woman by Consequence is filled with such melancholy it'll tear through your heart (NB. melancholic drum-n-bass is the future). The album it's lifted from Live For Never is one of the best I've heard in a long time, so if you like this track, go and buy it.

The opening choral sounds on The Light of Lights off Marco Bernardi's recent album Switches, Drawers and Washing Machines adds to the chilled-out feel before the live drums come crashing in; brilliant stuff! This is followed by the only full-on song (i.e. one with lyrics) and comes from Glaswegian Sei A. It's another triumph of melancholy meets melody; deep and fitting.

Slam provide the toughest sounds in the mix with City Destroyer (the debut single on their Paragraph label from October 2008), before we return to the softer sounds of The Field. Like the Marco Bernardi track, Redshape uses live drumming on the excellent Man Out of Time, which offers a nice contrast to the poppy Graphics Remix of D.I.M.'s Is You that follows.

You've probably heard Lee Jones' stunning Mdmazing, which closed his debut album Electronic Frank. And this blissed out track may seem like a good place to end the mix but I felt it needed something more optimistic. And the uplifting Forever July by Mango works perfectly.

I hope you enjoy it. Here's the tracklisting:

2The Black DogTunnels Ov Set9:00
3Silicone SoulLanguage of the Soul14:04
4ConsequenceA Man And A Woman20:30
5Marco BernardiThe Light Of Lights26:34
6Sei AMeth33:14
7SlamCity Destroyer39:41
8The FieldGood Things End46:20
9RedshapeMan Out Of Time52:23
10D.I.M.Is You (Graphics Remix)56:59
11Lee JonesMdmazing63:11
12MangoForever July68:12

Download Compy 15. 67MB and 73mins.

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