Compy 12

Compy 12

7th Sep 2009

Number 12 in my irregular compilation series has arrived!

It's not "mixed" like the last one but don't let that spoil the fun. Comprising eleven really amazing tracks over 70mins. Here's the tracklisting:

1La RouxBulletproof (Foamo Remix)0:00 - 5:22
2Sidney SamsonRiverside5:22 - 10:45
3Jesse RoseNight At The Dogs10:45 - 15:11
4DragonetteFixin to Thrill (Don Diablo Remix)15:11 - 22:11
5Queen Of JapanI Was Made For Loving You22:11 - 26:07
6Nathan FakeThe Turtle26:07 - 32:26
7Moon UnitConnections (Ewan Pearson Slo NRG mix)32:26 - 41:32
8Lykke LiDance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)41:32 - 47:38
9Alton MillerInner8 (Dexter's DXR Mix)47:45 - 55:53
10The Black DogNothern Electronic Soul [Part 3]55:53 - 60:45
11ModeratRusty Nails (Shackleton Remix)60:45 - 70:24

Download Compy 12. 96MB and 70mins.

NB. Only the most recent three compies will be available for download, anything older gets deleted from the servers. Grab The Letter RSS feed to catch the latest mixes.