Compy 25

Compy 25

3rd Oct 2012

Compy 25, the techno mix!

For this compilation I've lifted all the lush and melodic cuts from some of my favourite techno albums and singles released this year. The result, I find, is perfect for listening to while I work. Please enjoy.

Image credit: Richard Gardner.


Track Artist Title Album
1 Claro Intelecto It's Getting Late Reform Club
2 Chord High Catherine Year As A Ghost
3 Lawrence Creator (Final Call) Etoile Du Midi
4 Erich Schall Inside Direction
5 Andre Lodemann Vehemence Of Silence Fragments
6 Marc Houle Under the Neath Undercover
7 Mike Dehnert Fraction Fachwerk 25
8 The Black Dog Hype Knot 7 Liber Dogma
9 Delta Funktionen Challenger Traces
10 Recondite Jaded On Acid
11 Voices From The Lake Feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel S.T. - VFTL rework Voices From The Lake
12 Textural Being Paix Paix
13 Claro Intelecto Quiet Life Reform Club

Time 1:18:16. Size: 125MB. Quality: 223kbs. Download Compy 25.