Compy 20

Compy 20

12th Jul 2011

Here's a new mix for you to download: Compy 20.

It's a beautiful, chilled-out affair, perfect for relaxing to. Incorporating eight of my favourite, blissed-out tracks from the last three years or so, it includes The Black Dog, Max Cooper, Moderat, Dettinger, Marsen Jules and more.

BONUS: If you like the ambient sound of Marsen Jules (aka Martin Juhls), he recently provided the excellent isolatedmix 18 over at astrangelyisolatedplace, which I highly recommend.

Track Artist Title Time
1 Max Cooper The End of Reason 8:23
2 Moderat Rusty Nails (Shackleton Remix) 9:38
3 The Caretaker Friends Past Reunited 2:00
4 Marsen Jules Trio les Fleurs 4:47
5 Dettinger Track  7 5:01
6 Martyn Bridge 1:50
7 The Black Dog Business Car Park 9 5:09
8 Spinvis Mare Frigoris 2:51

Time 38:26. Size: 64MB. Quality: 223kbs. Download Compy 20.

NB. Only the most recent three compies will be available for download, anything older gets deleted from the servers. Grab The Letter RSS feed to catch the latest mixes.

Image credit: Road Knight Helmet by Vil Tsimenzin.