The End of an Era

The End of an Era

6th Oct 2013

I've been posting links to The Letter since 2004 (look, here's a snapshot from the WayBackMachine). In the beginning this site was my "thinking post", a place to bookmark and share useful links about web design (honestly, the amount of times I've looked up this post on png2ico for the snippet of code to produce my favicons!). Before long though my interests extended to other areas like art, design and music. Perhaps this is why you read The Letter now?

A dreamer of dreams

As a web designer working long hours in front of a computer (sometimes twelve a day) I listen to music all day. It's an important part of why I enjoy my work so much. In recent years I've seriously considered seeking work in the music industry, I just never worked out what I could do... I guess artists & repertoire isn't such an important role these days? Anyway, I digress.

To feed and satisfy my music addiction, I've decided to focus The Letter more on music from now on. I'll be launching a new site design in the next 24 hours.

Music to my ears...

I appreciate you have varied interests, and music may not be one of them. So if you read The Letter mainly for my web design related links then you'll find my Doepud RSS feed covers all that now (Doepud is my web design business in case you didn't know). You could even follow Doepud on Twitter, which would be nice. For all other non-music-related stuff (art and design etc.) I still post a range of links on my personal Twitter account which may pique your interest.

A quick note for email subscribers - I will continue to use Feedburner to send updates by email, but I've switched that service over to MailChimp from now on. When I finally retire Feedburner (or it goes down the pan, whatever comes first), I will import all Feedburner subscribers over to MailChimp.

That's it.

The Letter is dead. Long live The Letter.

Image credit: Alan Nguyen.