Compy 6

Compy 6

11th Aug 2008

Download time!

Number six in my occasional music compilation series. It's been one of those compilations I've started but not finished because I've been waiting for the final or perfect song to make the sequence just right. In this case it was track 7 Mighty Girl by Lindstrom & Prins Thomas which was the missing link.

Only eight tracks and 47 minutes but it's pure bliss: gentle, acoustic, orchestral, uplifting, good vibrations. Here's what's on it:

  1. DJ Food - The Crow (6:13)
    Taken from eighth album Kaleidoscope and quite unlike previous DJ Food outings (not least because of the radical line-up changes over the years) manages to sound both orchestrally-sweeping and darkly menacing. Sets the scene perfectly for this compy
  2. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy (5:01)
    Continuing the orchestral element is this beautiful daydreamy number from the amazing Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada. Taken from 2005 album The Campfire Headphase
  3. Trentemoller - Nightwalker (4:08)
    Lifting the pace ever so slightly with the atmospheric and throbbing bass guitar from the Danish musician. Contains the only vocals on all 8 tracks in this compilation
  4. Closer Musik - Maria (5:10)
    Up another notch in pace but still at the easy-listening level, this track by Chilean Matias Aguyo and German Dirk Leyers, aka Closer Musik signals a transformation from chill-out to dance floor for this compilation
  5. Booka Shade - Control Me (Non Vocal Mix) (5:47)
    The remixed (non-vocal) version from their last album, The Sun & The Neon Light, would have been at home on either of their previous albums Memento and Movements and fits in perfectly here, with it's upbeat groove
  6. Daso - Meine (7:55)
    Both upbeat and slightly melancholic with its stabbing-synthy refrain, it clocks in at almost 8 minutes yet it's one of those tracks that you just isn't long enough... brilliant stuff!
  7. Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (7:12)
    I picked up the album (Reinterpretations) on the strength of this track. Having heard it on the Optimo mix celebrating 20 Years at the SubClub. I knew straight away it was the missing piece for this compy. It's got this gorgeous, repetitive electronic piano refrain which goes round and round in a delirious fashion... ooh I love it!
  8. Dominik Eulberg - Der Purpurrote Sonnenuntergang (5:51)
    This closing track is the perfect come-down from the euphoria of Mighty Girl. Apart from the bird song in the background, it's got acoustic and orchestral elements which refer to the previous tracks nicely. Taken from Dominik Eulberg's 2004 album Flora & Fauna

Download it (64.9MB) and enjoy.

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