Compy 5

Compy 5

11th Jul 2008

A new compilation!

Some great sounds here with a distinctive acidy bent near the start, including the amazing Fake Blood remix of Mad Again by South Rakkas Crew, two scorching cuts from Radioactive Man and Boy 8-Bit's genius remix of Burial's Archangel.

As usual, the compy has been honed, embellished and tenderly crafted for the last six weeks or so; comprising all killer and no filler. It clocks in at just under 53 minutes and weighs just over 72MB. The track listing:

  1. Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap (4.29)
    A wonderful opening track with double (or is it triple?) tracked vocals. Taken from the album Speak For Yourself, the haunting effect of this song will send shivers down your spine
  2. Jewelz - Baobinga & I.D. (5.05)
    And what better way to follow Hide and Seek than with the first of the acidy-tinged tunes. Taken from debut album Big Monster (read the Big Monster review). Techno breaks never sounded so good
  3. Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix) - South Rakkas Crew (5:58)
    Continuing the acid flavour, following the inclusion on somany other compilations recently (including the amazing Shilo mix for We Make It Good) it made perfect sense to me to include here. A big party banger sporting their amazing trademark rumbling techno basslines. Oooh, I love it!
  4. Uranium - Radioactive Man (6:52)
    Slowing the pace a little with this Radioactive Man cut from 2001. Menacing yet understated, subtle electronic music. A true classic
  5. Pieces Of Eight - Radioactive Man (6:26)
    And from his recent album Growl (read the Growl review) my favourite track. Echoing the vibrating bassline from the Fake Blood mix but, likeUranium, much more understated and subtle. Top quality stuff
  6. Torridon Void - James Ruskin (5:17)
    This well composed and tuneful techno track (from album The Dash - read the review) is what Boards of Canada would have sounded like if they'd decided to make slightly harder music
  7. Black Panther - Crystal Castles (2:57)
    Arguably the best track on their eponymous debut album (read the Crystal Castles album review) changes the focus from serious techno to fun electro
  8. Archangel (Boy 8-Bit remix) - Burial (4:50)
    What a difference it makes adding a big beat to a previously rather gentle melody... genius!
  9. Back Home - Anthony Rother (5:27)
    There should always be some room for Anthony Rother on a compilation if possible, so the way this one kicks in straight after the Boy 8-Bit remix fitted so perfectly I had no choice
  10. Set To Receive - The Black Dog (5:42)
    And to end proceedings a gentle come-down from the purveyors of intelligent dance music. This is the longer single version (as opposed to the shorter album one)(read the review of The Black Dog album Scarecrow)

Download it here and play it loud!

NB. Only the most recent three compies will be available for download, anything older gets deleted from the servers. Grab The Letter RSS feed to catch the latest mixes.