Inferiority complex

22nd Dec 2004

Cycling home from work the other day. Perishingly cold. Four blocks of ice, two on the handlebars and two on the pedals. I wanna melt those blocks quick. Gliding effortlessly over the undulating roads on my thin-rimmed wheels, accompanying cars on their daily commute.

Alert. Looking out for predators as I negotiate my way through the perils of city road-use. Stray pedestrians, selfish road-users and other cyclists are my enemies. I spot a hefty man ahead on his thick-rimmed wheels, mountain biking the expressway.

We're on the same route.

A quick acknowledgement as I pass him.

Exiting the thoroughfare further on, my house and heat impending, I sensesome light and movement behind me and expect a car to pass in a fewseconds. Tick-tick-tick-tick. Nothing. I squint over my shoulderand see the fat cyclist huffing and puffing.

"Bloody hell you gave me a fright there!", I exclaim.

"Sorry, don't mind me I'm just relaxing in your slipstream", comes his reply.

Ha ha ha ha I think. Who is this guy?

"Aye, fucking right you are, you're totally out of breath, not relaxing".

I slow down as I approach my house and he cycles past me.

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