lowercase moves

25th Nov 2004

I doesn't surprise me when two people have similar ideas at the same time... alike minds think great ;oP. I was just reading Gruber's On the Placement of Linked List Content where he was talking about merging his "linked list content" with his main blog.

Within the last few days I've actually done this myself! Gruber references Kottke as an inspiration and I second that. And I also "tip my hat" to Matthew Mullenweg.

I chose this format for a couple of reasons

  1. I wanted to bring more weight to the sidelinks
  2. And by doing so reduce the pressure I was putting myself under to write "official" blog entries regularly

Gruber decided not to join the two in the end because it wasn't "Fireball-ish" enough. I'm happy with the changes... it's now very "Letter-ish".