To The Letter

11th Sep 2004

Posting my first letter.

The Letter was launched in September 2004, rising pheonix-like from the ashes of doepud log. The Letter is a more focussed blog in contrast to the general blogmarks of it's predecessor. Continuing in similar fashion, there's the same good side-helping of blogmarks, endearingly labelled "lowercase" (and relegated to the left hand column of the home page). To compliment this lower stuff you'll find some higher stuff in the form of THIS... my main personal blog... the letter. Stuff worth reading I'd like to think ;o)

So, where do I start?
About myself... I'll keep it brief.

My name is Blair Millen and I live and work in Glasgow, UK. Born in Fort William in 1973, moved to Callander in 1985. Studied Fine Art for four years at Glasgow School of Art from 1991-1995. Founded The Glasgow Independent Studio after graduating and worked there for seven years, eking out a living as a painter and screen-printer. Returned to student life in 2002 to study Information Technology at Glasgow University. Got my first proper web design job at BiP Solutions in the summer of 2003... which just about takes us to where I am today!

What else?
Designed a few websites.

Interested in:

  • all things web
  • music
  • hill running
  • cycling
  • reading
  • art
  • photography
  • cinema
  • peaceful living

Read a few blog, the most common of which you'll find listed in the links page.

Writing about what?
Going by my interests you can expect to find the occasional music, film and book review alongside more personal thoughts and considerations about life. I'm keen on the idea of discussing music, perhaps I'll start with sharing my top 40 list of favourite albums, a bit like Colly, and I rather fancy a good rant about bad neighbours, like Biroco.

Yes, you can expect this kind of thing to arrive quite soon... I'm really looking forward to it. Two things though, to make this work I need your comments, without them I'm going nowhere fast. Secondly, if you blog yourself, you'll appreciate that blogging takes time and diligence. I know this because while lovingly tayloring this site for your esteemed pleasure, I've been sketching out the various ideas I have for topics, and it ain't easy. So I don't intend to rush headlong into posting lots of frivolous crap for the sake of filling up my archives. Hopefully the design, attention to detail and lowercase links will keep you satisfied in the meantime.