Jim Byrne - The Innocent

Jim Byrne - The Innocent

6th Mar 2012

Regular readers might know that I mostly listen to electronic music, anything from Electro to Techno to House. Quite a change from twenty years ago, when all I listened to was “indie” bands like Pavement, Sebadoh, Pixies, Throwing Muses and Screaming Trees. Now and again though, an amazing new album from a guitar-based band will cross my radar, and I'm hooked.

You will be too.

The Innocent is the third album from Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Jim Byrne. Over the course of it's ten tuneful tracks, it's a very gentle listen, mostly acoustic guitar and Byrne's deep voice. Think of the gentler moments of Tom Waits crossed with Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan and you'll get a rough idea of his sound. There's even a cover version the latter two artists also covered (third track Satisfied Mind).

Clocking in at just 37 minutes, it's an effortless listen. Opening track “Fancy Wooden Box” combines memorable lyrics and a catchy tune, which I guarantee you'll be singing along with after a few listens. In fact, you'll be singling along to every track because that's the kind of album it is.

Jim Byrne has kindly provided a stream of the album especially for The Letter readers, to try before you buy. If you're in a desperate rush and can't listen to the whole thing a couple of times, then try these three tracks:

  1. Fancy Wooden Box
  2. You Are A Good Friend Of Mine
  3. When The Sun Shines On Me

Buy the album for £10.

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