See JAWS being used by a blind tester

23rd Aug 2006

On the afternoon of Monday 11 September Test Partners are running a demonstration of the JAWS screen reader with a blind tester to illustrate the issues these users face and the aspects of design that do and don't make a difference.

The demonstration will last approximately three hours and include:

  • How blind people visualise web pages
  • The basic means of navigation with a screen reader
  • Problems encountered by screen reader users
  • The difference between being able to hear the website content and being able to understand it
  • Design guidelines for screen reader friendly websites
  • Accessible PDFs
  • An opportunity for attendees to use JAWS and navigate a website without a monitor
  • See how accessible your own website is to a screen reader user!

Throughout the demonstration a blind tester will navigate through a variety of websites to illustrate the importance of first impressions, consistency of design and semantic markup.

You can find full details and an online booking form on the Test Partners site. The demo will be held in the Test Partners 'Test Centre' in Staines, UK.