recent doepud developments

5th Mar 2004

On this site I have set up an admin facility where I can view my referrer logs, create a new log entry, check links that visitors have made and send email. I am continually developing the admin section, experimenting with new techniques and teaching myself how to manipulate PHP and MySQL.When I make a log I simply fill in a form which is written to a database and then displayed on the log page. A recent development I have implemented to the log making process is to attach an image to a log entry. This undoutedly brings more visual interest to a log entry, however on the downside if I were to attach an image to every log entry, by the end of the month, the page would eventually become very large in size to download. So I'll use images sparingly and when appropriate. Additonally, each log entry now has a permenant link; found by clicking the log title.My plans to develop the public side of the site now include creating a search function. This will initially be a search of the log entries. I have also been looking a CSS drop shadows at 19 76design and alistapart and would like to implement something like that to the images on my site ... baited breath ...