A Hollywood ending for Masterchef?

22nd Mar 2006

I watched the recent Masterchef series from start to finish and followed the fortunes of the three finalists Dean, Daksha and Peter as they were thrown into the deep end of professional cooking. And although they all had their own strengths and weaknesses, it seemed clear to "L" and I who the deserved winner should have been. And judging by this B BC review, we weren't the only ones surprised by the judges eventual choice.

Of course, if the winner was to be decided by a telephone poll Dean would easily have won because he was young, dedicated, quick to learn and a good team-player. (It probably helped that he was also extremely handsome.) In the end the judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace chose the best cook and not someone who would have made good TV... and although I would have liked Dean to win myself, I understand that the integrity of the programme must come first.