techno logic

30th Apr 2005

This is the second in my series of compilations and it's called techno logic (read about my first compilation to get some useful background info.). The title is a direct reference to the Daft Punk track (third number) but more importantly, in the context of the compilation, the title is a reference to the overall sound of the artists. They have all embraced technology in their music and at the same time maintained use of traditional instruments (or at least a suggestion that some type of musical instrument was actually played).

  1. Miss Kittin - professional distortion (Modeselektors big muff remix)
    The opening track from Miss Kittin's official debut solo album "icom" (released last summer) lovingly remixed by German pals Modeselektor. Gone is the distorted guitar intro and in place is a phat electronic riff which sets the scene and reverberates throughout the rest of the track. And that weird guitar line near the end (from 5.59) sounds so eighties to me
  2. LCD Soundsystem - tribulations
    Lifted from their eponymous debut album, which was equally loved and loathed. The retro guitar line from the end of the previous track seems to connect with the bouncy electro sound. And it's this aspect which attracts me although it's been trodden and re-trodden many times by the likes of If, Adult., Aux 88, Fischerspooner, Kissogram (to name a few)
  3. Daft Punk - technologic
    Weird, helium-voiced and looped-vocal, rapping in time with the beat. The underlying riff, coming in at 1.08, is electronically produced but passes off as distorted guitar. A head-nodding success
  4. Anthony Rother - age
    I'm becoming to realise this guy is a substantial figure in terms of contemporary electronic music. All those bands I mentioned previously in reference to LCD Soundsytem have this man to thank; and (after the playful pop of the track "Little Computer People" by Anthony Rother's first musical guise Little Computer People) perhaps this is his most successful pop moment; the difference between the two being "Age" is a mature pop tune. The ultimate electronic pop
  5. The Killers - somebody told me (Josh Harris Club Mix)
    What a difference a remix can make! By adding some electronic drumbeats, Josh Harris has improved the track tenfold. It's really quite brilliant
  6. Annie - just
    ATTENTION! Everybody listen to Annie... she's the best! What a secret to uncover if you aren't aware of the pop prowess of this woman... so good I've included two tracks from her debut album "Anniemal". The sound is a delicious hybrid between Human League and Girls Aloud
  7. Renegade Soundwave - the phantom
    Harking back to a time when this sort of sound was alien and exciting; Renegade Soundwave were pioneers, there's no doubt. The baseline is addictive. Over 15 years old and still sounds contemporary
  8. Kissogram - forsaken people come to me
    I strong tuneful electro sound, with some production help from Gonzales. Taken from the album "The Secret Life of Captain Ferber"
  9. Daft Punk - make love
    My favourite track from the recent french duo's album "Human After All". It starts nice and quietly and pretty much stays that way. Sounds like some base guitar and electric piano put to effective use
  10. Gonzales - schemes and variations
    This is the kind of ditty that Gonzales excelled at: instrumentals; cheesy and almost kitsch in it's grappling with pop. Taken from the excellent "Presdential Suite" long-player
  11. Annie - always too late
    Did I mention this woman deserves some recognition? Here's another pop gem: sporting it's own orchestral bent mixed with some lovely slithery base. Reminds me of Gonzales strangely enough
  12. Capitol K - pillow
    The strumming fits so well after listening to the previous track. Although it's a few years old now it still has that nice mixture of guitar and electro that is popular just now. Taken from the 5-track Roadeater Ep
  13. Prefuse 73 - pagina dos / featuring the books
    Eclectic sounding stuff Prefuse 73 produce: never really melodic or tuneful but never unlistenable either. A weird mix of banjo, samples and cool base guitar. Lifted from their last album "Surrounded by Silence"
  14. Boards of Canada - buckie high
    A blissed-out and melancholic number, as most of their music is. BOC come a close second to my all-time favourite band Pixies as best group ever
  15. Garvy J - war is over ...again
    Continuing with the blissed-out theme, here's a very gently-strummed, acoustic number reminscent of Lennon. The title is an obvious reference
  16. Beck - nazarene
    Just when you thought this compilation couldn't get anymore lade back along comes the closing track (both here and on Guero, Beck's latest album release). I've read reference to the song being classed as "gospel", and I suppose that's a reasonable statement

As it's his Lordo's last day at work on Friday 29th April I dedicate this compilation to him.