23rd Jan 2005

Only a single creaking floorboard alerted me to her presence. Equally, she hadn't noticed me very quietly sitting in the corner reading; her attention was focussed elsewhere. Rather than say hello I kept quiet for a few moments and just watched her like a creepy voyeur.

As she scanned the shelves for something to satisfy her need I noted that her lycra bottoms really showed-off her shapely backside. As she crouched down to scrutinise a particular bound volume I rose from my seat and moved towards her as stealthily as she had entered the room. With less than six feet between us she stood up to follow the alphabetically arranged books to the top shelf. With her back to me and still unaware of our close proximity something grabbed her attention. While tiptoeing on her right foot she moved her left leg sideways at 45 degrees in order to maintain balance. It was like a ballet dancer practising at the bar. As her legs parted I reached out and placed my left hand on her right buttock; my impedicus making contact with her anal orifice. She turned round and looked at me with a knowing smile... it was my sister-in-law!

"L" had just changed the bed sheets so I woke myself up before things got messy.

What was I thinking about?

A depraved part of my psyche is pinning this exciting and grotesque incestuous scenario on a particular aspect of the recent Jody Jones murder case:

Corinne Mitchell's relationship with Luke appeared almost like that of girlfriend and boyfriend, rather than mother and son. A top psychologist who has studied interview footage showing her stroking and caressing him claimed their link was 'extremely unusual'.

Disturbing circumstances. In contrast, after eleven years together my relationship with "L" is probably closer to mother and son.