Compy 23

Compy 23

13th Jun 2012

A new compilation, comprising (mostly) new music from thirteen artists, including Chromatics, Debukas, Radioactive Man, Clark, and Beaumont.

Compy 23 begins with the Chromatics' drumless cover version of Neil Young's Into The Black, a really beautiful opener. If you're interested, you can hear their album version - with drums. This is followed by Lungs, a George Fitzgerald produced song by upcoming singer Py. I recommend that you download Py's debut mixtape at FACT Magazine.

Third track Nightmusic by Grimes is arguably the best moment from third album Visions. And considering I'm already rating this album as one of the best of the year so far, you should understand that this song rocks!

Modeselektor's third album Monkeytown (released September 2011) saw them move deftly towards the commercial market, which is fine by me. The songs are still well-written with an edginess that keeps me satisfied. Green Light Go, featuring PVT on vocals, is one of the more commercial numbers from the album, but I love it and I think you will too.

Lifting the pace slightly, we've got Pretty Ugly, a chunky instrumental with a nice buzzy feel from Radioactive Man's Room EP. His new album Waits & Measures is coming out soon too. This is followed by a huge track from Amirali called Falling Down, a tune that boasts the best pulsating / vibrating bass ever. Also, strangely missing from his recent debut album In Time.

I threw in Clark's gentle little piano ditty Black Stone (taken from his excellent recent album Iradelphic) to break up the pace a bit. Then things build up again with John Talabot's Destiny (featuring Pional on vocals). At this point I highly recommend you check out Talabot's album, Fin, it's also up there with Grimes' Visions in that elite group of best albums of the year so far.

Next track is Rings by Scottish synth-master Debukas, who may be a new artist to you. If so, I suggest you check out all his music straight away. Another Scottish musician follows, this time Beaumont (aka Michael Rintoul) who, with Never Love Me, manages to produce the most affecting R&B-tinged electronic music. And continuing the Scottish bent, we've got veteran producer Vince Watson with a beautifully spooky break from the beats, with A Fairytale, taken from his recent album Every Soul Needs A Guide.

oOoOO may sport a mysterious name, but their R&B-tinged sounds are right up my street at the moment. Starr is taken from their recent EP Our Loving Is Hurting Us.

Last track is Times Is Weird by loveable Julian Cope-wannabe John Maus (from his third album Love Is Real).

# Artist Song Time
1 Chromatics Into The Black (drumless version) 5:22
2 Py Lungs (produced By George Fitzgerald) 4:58
3 Grimes Nightmusic (feat. Majical Cloudz) 5:03
4 Modeselektor Green Light Go (feat. PVT) 4:50
5 Radioactive Man Pretty Ugly 6:53
6 Amirali Falling Down 5:56
7 Clark Black Stone 2:15
8 John Talabot Destiny (feat. Pional) 4:54
9 Debukas Rings 5:46
10 Beaumont Never Love Me 4:45
11 Vince Watson A Fairytale 4:12
12 oOoOO Starr 3:48
13 John Maus Times Is Weird 3:42

Time 61:03. Size: 99MB. Quality: 228kbs. Download Compy 23.

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