Chromeo DJ Kicks

Chromeo DJ Kicks

4th Aug 2009

Next in the DJ Kicks series is Chromeo. Get a free track at that link.


  1. Kano: "Ikeya-Seki"
  2. Pierre Perpall: "J'aime Danser Avec Toi"
  3. Toba: "Moving Up"
  4. France Joli: "Gonna Get Over You"
  5. Donna Allen: "Serious"
  6. Lovelock: "Maybe Tonight"
  7. Chateau Marmont: "Solar Antapex"
  8. Val Young: "Seduction"
  9. Soupir: "Larmes de Metal"
  10. Lifelike: "Sequencer"
  11. Carmen: "Time to Move"
  12. Shotgun: "Don't You Wanna Make Love"
  13. Cheri: "Murphy's Law"!
  14. Leo Sayer: "Easy to Love"
  15. Shazam: "Luckier"
  16. Chromeo: "I Can't Tell You Why"
  17. Diane Tell: "Tes Yeux"
  18. The Alan Parsons Project: "Pipeline"