More cool watch design

More cool watch design

30th May 2009

You might remember a put together a list of cool watch design at the tail-end of 2007? Well, here's another selection.

I'm still into rubber (housing and straps) and square faces. I'm happy with either digital or analogue but the most important element is the colour: it has to be bright and cheerful.

asteroids watch

Asteroids watch - subtle and oh so cool

Bell and Ross BR 01 Airborne

Bell and Ross BR 01 Airborne - amazing glow-in-the-dark skull design from Bell & Ross. Originally found here.

Casio Databank Watch

Casio Databank Watch - completely geeky and old skool, and I love the bright colours

Ikepod Solaris

Ikepod Solaris - nice looking face, the fabric strap is the only thing that puts me off

The Rubber Player by Nixon

The Rubber Player by Nixon - beautiful rubber strap and housing using the the iconic Player design. Unfortunately, very limited edition, thus sold out already!

Nooka Zon

Nooka Zon - nice square face and rather unusual design with it being offset from the strap

Uni Wrist Watch

Uni Wrist Watch - very cool idea where the display can alternate between different styles. I love the simple pixelated display

Freestyle Shark watches

The Shark watches from Freestyle are bright, colourful, simple and affordable... perfect!

TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph

TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph - in honour of the Le Mans race, this beautiful, top quality watch is just far too expensive (several thousand pounds).


Baby-G - I've actually got a Baby-G identical to this one except the colour. My old one (from about 1997) originally had a transparent strap but after years of sweat it's turned yellow! Anyway, I really like this black and pink combo!

Phosphor Digital Hour Clock

Phosphor Digital Hour Clock - amazing design concept (and realisation - $185 USD) using E Ink (electronic paper) for the display.

Nixon Lodown

Nixon Lodown - sharp and colourful

Welder watch

Welder watch - nice black and red combo but the chunky knobs at the side are a bit of a put off

Cuckoo watch

Cuckoo watch - it's got the colour but is perhaps a bit too quirky

Hand made stitched watch

Make your own stitched watch - it'll be accurate twice a day at least