Milton Jackson Crash

Milton Jackson Crash

15th Mar 2009

There's a word I always associate with Milton Jackson's music: muscular. It's a fitting adjective that can be applied to most elements of Jackson's music, from the powerful and robust beats to the well developed melodies. It's a sound that's got a strength and reliability about it. Even seven years ago, the same dependable sound was evident on Jackson's debut album The Bionic Boy.

Does that mean the Glaswegian has been stagnating? Well, yes and no. Admittedly, his approach to making music hasn't changed that much, nor has the overall sound, but I'd argue, why fix something that isn't broken? Yes, tracks from each album could easily be interchanged and not sound out of place, but then I'd argue that he was ahead of his time when, at nineteen, he released his first e.p.

You see, I could happily argue Jackson's corner all day because I have a meaningful passion for his music. The driving beats of Crash, the catchy refrain of Ghosts in my Machine, the spacey echoes of Rogue Element (Surprise), even the slightly monotonous sound of Snap Crackle... they all do it for me. Why? Well, The Bionic Boy was one of the first electronic albums I really got into a few years back when my tastes started shifting from guitar based music. Pivotal. That, all these years later, I get to taste new material that's just as good makes me very satisfied; like I've come full circle.

So, is the album actually any good you say? Hell yes! Buy it. And The Bionic Boy too. A serious contender for album of the year!

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