Music Round-up August 2008

Music Round-up August 2008

6th Sep 2008

As predicted in some of my previous music round-ups, the music I've been listening to in the last few weeks has mainly been stuff I've downloaded rather than purchased. Only Danny Byrd's Supersized gets a proper look-in this month.

I blame Pelski. Because he posts lots of quality music on his website I've ended up listening to his recommendations more rather than the usual suspects like:

So, instead I've been loving all these Pelski recommended downloads:

  • Foamo - Summer Mixtape
  • Mismatch - Something's Old and Something's New
  • A-Trak - Say Whoa
  • Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve Remix)
  • Busy P.E. - Get Yo! Rainbow Man (Streetlife DJs Cut n Run Mix)
  • Eskimo Joe - London Bombs (Sneaky Sound System Remix)
  • Ravage! Ravage! - Just Another Lover (Keukengerei Remix)
  • Shitdisco - I Know Kung Fu (Goose Remix)
  • Boy 8-bit - The Cricket Scores (Original Mix)
  • Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood remix)

Pelski [The Letter highly recommends].

So, to the reviews:

Danny Byrd - Supersized

Danny Byrd - Supersized

Tuneful drum-n-bass with soul

Debut album from Bath-based Byrd demonstrates his meticulous attention to detail and good ear for a tune. Comprising four previously released tracks, (including Shock Out and Soul Function) and seven new tracks, the album as a whole comes across as familiar yet still fresh.

All the tracks are as-catchy-as-hell pop songs, incorporating either his trademark chopped-vocal-edits or real, live vocals, both of which bring balance and accessibility to the album. In saying that though, there's still plenty of big tunes in there to please the serious drum-n-bass heads, like Planet Music VIP and Shock Out.

Overall, not a duff track on the album. It could (and really should) cross over into the mainstream (pop charts!) rather than be confined to the dance underground as I think it's destined to be. Which is a shame because it's really difficult to choose a single track or two to recommend to new listeners. Instead I suggest you head over to the Danny Byrd MySpace and listen to album tracks Weird Science and Red Mist which should give you a good flavour of the man's pop sensibilties.

10 listens | 9/10

Aeroplane Resident Advisor podcast


Electro pop disco mix

Easily the best RA mix since the JD Twitch (Optimo) mix in January. Starting with an unexpected acoustic number from the folky-gospelly-sounding Fleet Foxes that segues into the chunky electro beat of the Prins Thomas remix of Before I Started to Dance by Quixote (sounding a lot like Colder I thought). And continuing in the same vein, the chunky beat sewing together a range of wonderful tunes including La Serenissima by Eine Klein Nacht Muzik and Now Til 69 by The Shortwave Set... all great stuff.

Download the podcast immediately and listen for yourself.

11 listens | 10/10

Foamo - Summer Mixtape


Rocking electro mix from the Rockerman

Foamo, a new kid on the block in terms of producing, is 21 year old Kye Gibbon from High Wycombe in the UK. His Summer Mixtape showcases his skills not only in mixing but in choosing quality tunes. He's successfully mixed new and underground artists with more established acts like Fake Blood, Underworld and Does It Offend You, Yeah? And stitching them altogether are four stonking tracks of his own.

As a whole it's got a cohesive bouncy sound which is primarily down to the golden touch of several remixers in the mix like Crookers, Herve, Fake Blood, Jack Beats and Sinden. And Foamo snuggles nicely into this group. Watch out for this man Foamo.... he's going places!

8 listens | 9/10

Mismatch - Something's New and Something's Old


Nothing missing or not matching here

Andy Toone is Mismatch, a new DJ making a good impression with his mixing talents. Pelski has more details about the mix and the man himself. Like Foamo, he successfully sews together some old and new artists in a tight mix, incorporating the likes of Mystery Jets, The Black Ghosts, Armand van Helden and Shitdisco.

9 listens | 9/10