Chicken and egg web design

Chicken and egg web design

27th Feb 2008

Interesting subject brought up by Patrick at Hell Yeah Dude about the process involved in designing web sites. He asks Photoshop mock-ups for web design? Or web design for Photoshop mock-ups? The main gist of the article being the process involved in designing a web site. So, do we:

  • start from a graphic and build the code round that? Or
  • start with the code and drape the design over the top?

Well my answer is a bit of both. In my experience I do the graphics first but this is always based on prior knowledge of the content (it's impossible to design a site without knowing what the content is going to be). So with an understanding of the site content I create a loose document structure on paper and design the site round that. The first stage of coding is the HTML wire-frame and only then does the CSS come. Finally I add JavaScript embellishments if necessary.

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