Mobile phones to order

Mobile phones to order

12th Feb 2008

I've been dreaming about this kind of service for ages: customised mobile phones. Well there's an interesting article over at Springwise about this very thing. They refer to a US startup called Bug Labs, who've taken a leaf out of the web mash-up book and started producing mobile devices made up of various hardware modules that snap together like building blocks. A great idea in theory, but it's not really what I'm after.

(For your information - I'd really like a mobile phone with a web browser... and that's it. As long as I can connect to the internet wirelessly that's all I need in my ideal mobile device. Most mobile devices these days are totally over-the-top in terms of features, far too many).

So maybe ZZZPhone have the answer. They offer a mobile device built to my specific requirements. Hmm...

UPDATE: Just found this related link: modu is an Israeli company who claim to have made the smallest, lightest mobile phone in the world; allowing you to plug-in whatever feature or funtionality you need:

  • jackets (which are fancy looking covers)
  • a camera
  • a GPS
  • a larger screen
  • or connect it to other device

The examples look amazing.

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