Just ask

7th Feb 2008

Freelance Switch have got some great advice on asking for things in order to progess your business. Basically they're saying if you don't ask you don't get. In summary their list of 25 questions to ask (with ones I agree with most in bold):

  1. Ask for a down payment
  2. Ask for more time if you need it
  3. Ask for clear directions
  4. Ask for consistent expectations
  5. Ask for recommendations
  6. Ask for referrals
  7. Ask for testimonials
  8. Ask for suggestions
  9. Ask for alone-time
  10. Ask for their business!
  11. Ask for feedback
  12. Ask for your payment
  13. Ask for their Linked-In Add
  14. Ask for a bonus
  15. Ask for future contracts
  16. Ask for their email address
  17. Ask for references
  18. Ask for a "shout-out"
  19. Ask for tips
  20. Ask for a better time-frame
  21. Ask for their card to give out to your own network
  22. Ask for a phone number
  23. Ask for reconsideration
  24. Ask for ideas
  25. Ask for a comment