27th Nov 2007

Here's number two in my compilation series: Compy2.

A quick run-through of the tracks: Commix are my favourite new band at the moment, their 'Call To Mind' album is excellent and 'Be True' the opening track on both (this compilation and their album) is a brill. Late Of The Pier, who I mentioned before manage to merge guitars, electro and lots of recognisable influences to make their own unique sound. The Young Punx number is a remix and although quite long at 9mins 27secs, it never outstays it's welcome. Adam & Eve is lifted from the mammoth triple CD We Are Punks by Anthony Rother and features the amazing vocals of Xenia Beliayeva. The Chemical Brothers' Saturate features a very cool, cartoony-sounding, drum-roll at various points throughout song (and first at 1min 17secs) - great! In some quarters this Marc Houle track is being slated for being too cool for it's own good but I love it for it's totally stripped down, naked sound (and it's low-down vocals). Roland Klinkenberg track taken from album of the same name - it's a must listen. Final track is a chilled-out, easy-listening-type from Slovenian Umek. Enjoy!

  1. Commix - Be True (6:37)
  2. Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (4:49)
  3. The Young Punx - Your Music Is Killing Me (Olav Basoski remix) (9:27)
  4. Anthony Rother - Adma & Eve (3:40)
  5. The Chemical Brothers - Saturate (4:50)
  6. Marc Houle - Techno Vocals (Original mix) (5:39)
  7. Roland Klinkenberg - Mexico Can Wait (6:16)
  8. Umek - Richochet Effect (9:54)

Download Compy2 (84MB).

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