Fabric Podcast

Fabric Podcast

6th Nov 2007

Unlike the Resident Advisor podcasts and the monthly Fabric compilations on CD where we get mixed sets, the Fabric Podcasts are going to take the form of a personal insight into the presenter. Think of it like Desert Island Discs but for DJ's, producers and electronic musicians.

The blurb from the fabric site goes something like this:

The fabric podcasts are sessions of music and words presented and compiled by a wide selection of musical luminaries; people who have dedicated their lives to creating and expressing music we love and admire. This roster includes some artists who perform at our club, some mentors, some underrated champions of genres lost by time and trends, but all purveyors of good music, whatever that may be. We ask each host to just play music that they love, that has inspired them, regardless of genre, time or any attachments people have to them with certain musical industries, and to explain to listeners why they've selected the pieces they have. Enjoy the music.

The inaugural podcast is from resident DJ Craig Richards.