Juicy Juicy Juice

7th Nov 2004

For the last three or four years, fresh fruit-and-vegetable juices have been a staple of my diet. These tasty, vitamin-rich drinks are created by seperating the juice and the ruffage from foods like carrots, apples, melons, oranges and tomatoes.

I first discovered juicing from the Leslie Kenton book "Power Juices". Following her recipes and then experimenting with my own I soon found what I liked and disliked. So nowadays I usually stick to a handful of tried and trusted concoctions.

getting juicyCrapple is my favourite; it's a combination of carrot, apple and ginger; quite nippy and sweet but full of vitamin B and C. The secret to a successful Crapple is if you can get the right balance of ingredients.

Here's how you can make Crapple (for two):


  1. 8 medium-sized carrots.
  2. 3 large-sized Granny Smiths apples.
  3. A block of ginger roughly 3cm cubed.


Top and tail the carrots. Don't peel them but wash them. Slice them longways if they are thick so they can fit into the juicer. Chop the apples and cut out the dirty bit from the bottom of the core. Pass all the ingredients through the juicer slowly to ensure that maximum juice and ruffage seperation is achieved.

Best served cool when the ingredients have been refridgerated overnight.

NB. Of course you can only make your own Crapple if you have access to a juicer.