The Bard Game

11th Sep 2006

Just a quick heads-up on this new project I've been working on called The Bard Game. It's a website aimed at selling a board game based on the life of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, writer and musician. Or as the site says:

The Bard Game is a simple and fun board game for all the family. It is based on the life, work and times of Robert Burns.

If you've got any connection with Scotland then you should find a little space in your heart for Rabbie Burns, Scotland's most famous son. I've played the game a few times now myself and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I'm finding I'm learning a lot about Burns along the way too. It really is great fun and the questions aren't that difficult (well not all of them!).

One thing I love about the game is the beautiful and unique design: the quality playing board wraps round the box (which holds the playing pieces and the cards etc.) and then resembles a book! Brilliant idea.

And of course to the website. At the moment the shop is awaiting final testing before going live but everything else works well. And probably most surprisingly, IE7 didn't need a single hack! There's a online quiz to give you an idea about the level of questions you could expect (yes, they're mostly multiple choice) and there's some background imformation about the 'playing pieces' which is very interesting reading. Go and check it out.

UPDATE: there was a nice article on The Daily Record about the game