21st Oct 2004

Recent visitors to The Letter will notice that I have completely revamped this site with a new style. Why the sudden change after launching the site only last month I hear you ask?

Three reasons:

  1. The previous incarnation was carrying too many style sheet issues.
  2. I wanted my personal site to reflect better my desire to become established as an innovative artist and web designer. The last style sheet failed to do this... frankly it was bland and left the wrong impression about me.
  3. I couldn't help myself... see my previous post.

To be honest the old design was based on the piefecta template from Position Is Everything initially to get the technical side of things working properly. It was always going to be temporary while I worked on the "official" design. So, long before intended, I proudly present the "official" design (for the moment anyway, ha ha ha!).

about the new style sheet
The style sheet is called "fyrish", which refers to the image of the Fyrish Monument I've incorporated as the main background image. Combined with an image of a hill runner on the right my plan was to use imagery which reflected something meaningful about what interests me.

I've used some transparent PNG's and fixed positioning which Internet Explorer doesn't like too much, so I'd recommend viewing the site in Firefox (or the slightly lesser browser Opera) to view the site as intended. Of course no content is inaccessible in IE, it just doesn't look as good :o(

Additionally I've moved the search form to a permanent position at the top right of the page.

I hope you approve. I'll try to contain my enthusiasm for web (re)design and refrain from making inessential and drastic changes for a wee while.