Ursula Rucker - Ma'at Mama

Ursula Rucker - Ma'at Mama

1st Aug 2006

Resist, pump a fist

I've been gripped by this amazing album for several weeks and quite possibly 50+ listens. If you're unfamiliar with Ursula Rucker's unique singing / rapping style it may not immediately appeal but perseverance really pays off; this particular album is quality from start to finish.

If you managed to hunt out any of the tracks from one of my previous compilations (Boxes) you may have already heard 'Humbled', the opening track from Ma'at Mama. If this doesn't grab you then perhaps you should skip the rest of this review and go find something less to listen to.

'Resist, pump a fist' she instructs on 'Rant (Hot In Here)'. It's clear she has a political agenda (her songs focus on black culture, female pride and the general state of our messed-up world) although I get the sense that her feminist bent is stronger. And in saying that, on 'Black Erotic' her 'longest minute in cunninlingus history' is more like a boring lecture than anything remotely erotic; I'm not sure if it's intentional but she removes any sexual connotations these words would normally hold.

She creates a new verb on 'Childrens Peom' - to be 'paedophiled', eurgh! If you've heard the Mylo track 'Destroy Rock And Roll' then you need to check out 'Libations'... is raises the hairs on the back of your neck! 'For Women' has an amazing mechanical-sounding, pumping drum beat, so reminiscent of the wonderful Bowery Electric.