20th Feb 2004

WARP BIG SALE. Taken from the Warp newsletter:

Warpmart are proud to announce an extensive price reduction on many Warp titles. For the rest of February and the whole of March, you can pick up Warp classics from artists like Black Dog, Aphex Twin and Autechre from as little as £4.99, as well as some of the best albums of 2003 for £8.99. Excellent quality music at bargain prices: for a full list of all relevant titles please follow the link above to the article in Warpmart. A selection of highlights from each price category is listed below:£8.99PLAID - SPOKES, LFO - SHEATH, APHEX TWIN - 26 MIXES FOR CASH, BOARDS OF CANADA - GEOGADDI (LTD).£6.99SQUAREPUSH ER - HARD NORMAL DADDY, BROTHOMOST ATES - CLARO, MIRA CALIX - SKIMSKITTA.£5.99AUTECHRE - INCUNABULA, BLACK DOG - BYTES, POLYGON WINDOW - SURFING.£4.99APHEX TWIN - COME TO DADDY, VINCENT GALLO - WHEN, TWO LONE SWORDSMEN - TINY REMINDERS