Training Flats

26th Nov 2004

My weekly travels to work recently have been on the train as opposed to cycling. This is entirely down to poor weather conditions; I hate fighting against the wind and rain at the best of times... imagine a wet Monday morning!

On my journey to the train station I pass a beautiful block of high-rise flats. At night there are hundreds of windows, each displaying a framed colour spotted against the dark. An extremely impressive sight.

In contrast to the simple beauty of the flats at night I also take in the dire and dingy environment of the train station (at the work side of my commute). It's damp, smelly and cigarette smoke wraps round the hair of my nostrils.

Trains are often late. Ghost trains pass through on occasion. Others don't stop yet are bubbling with life. A stopping train brings me welcome relief. I'm in a place where I don't want to be but will soon be somewhere else.

It's a good time to contemplate things as I wait.

My attempts at capturing these views on camera have been futile though... I simply don't have the right photography equipment to capture night time shots. So here's a few photoshopped snapshots. I hope you like them.

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