Compy 27

Compy 27

3rd Jun 2013

Been listening to so much great music lately I've struggled to cut this compilation down to fifteen tracks! But hopefully you'll like the combination of older and more recent releases.

Of the older tracks, I've had Last Magpie's No More Stories in the shortlist for the last few compies, but it never quite fitted in... until now! I've managed to mix it with Vessel's Vizar and ASC's Blurred Pictures. Also, from last year's The Paranormal Soul, by Legowelt, everyone seemed to agree that Elements of Houz Music was the top track, but I reckon A Cold Winters Day is by far the better cut.

Of the newer stuff, I've included Life Round Here, the best track from James Blake's recent album Overgrow;  likewise with Ian Pooley's track Bring Me Up. More difficult to select from were the albums releases by DJ Koze, House of Black Lanterns and Vector Lovers (due to the overall high quality).

Here's the tracklist:

Track Artist Title Album
1 Vessel Vizar Order Of Noise
2 Last Magpie No More Stories No More Stories EP
3 ASC Blurred Pictures Out Of Sync
4 House of Black Lanterns Shot You Down ( feat. Leni Ward) Kill The Lights
5 James Blake Life Round Here Overgrown
6 Legowelt A Cold Winters Day The Paranormal Soul
7 Manuel Tur Back To Me Swans Reflecting Elephants
8 Bonobo Antenna The North Borders
9 Ian Pooley Bring Me Up (feat. All Dom) What I Do
10 Vector Lovers Big City Loner iPhonica
11 Footprintz Dangers Of The Mouth Escape Yourself
12 DJ Koze Magical Boy (feat. Matthew Dear) Amygdala
13 Martin Dawson & Glimpse Fat Controller (Roman Flugel Remix) Hypercolour Patterns Vol.3
14 Luke Hess Meaning Matters Light In The Dark
15 Manual Glide Awash EP

Time 1:10:47. Size: 134MB. Quality: 264kbs. Download Compy 27.

Image credit: Marilyn Minter.