Best Tracks of 2011 (part 1 of 4)

Best Tracks of 2011 (part 1 of 4)

6th Dec 2011

2011 has been such an amazing year of music for me. With so many excellent album releases it's been extremely difficult to listen to everything I'd have liked. And now, with the onslaught of end-of-year lists, I find I'm discovering lots of new artists and albums that I've either overlooked or forgotten about, including Vincenzo, Jonsson/Alter, Elektro Guzzi, James Pants, LV and Planningtorock.

Perhaps you've also missed out on some really great music too? Well, just for you, I've put together a big bunch of my favourite tracks from 2011, splitting them up into four compilations, which I'm going to be sharing with you for a short period over the next few weeks. Hopefully you'll find somthing new worth investigating.

# Artist Song Album Time
1 Thomas Fehlmann Falling Into Your Eyes Gute Luft 4:09
2 Crazy P Heartbreaker When We On 5:09
3 Jay Haze Tonight (feat Laila Tov) Love Evolution 4:23
4 VVV Reveries   4:11
5 Tevo Howard Spend Some Time (Pop Mix) Pandora's Box 5:40
6 Sandwell District Falling The Same Way Feed-Forward 6:47
7 Marcus Intalex Regrets 21 5:16
8 Shlohmo Seriously Bad Vibes 3:10
9 Beaumont Midnight Blush Response EP 3:43
10 Steffi You Own My Mind Yours & Mine 4:09
11 Walls Heat Haze Coracle 5:57
12 Robag Wruhme Ende Thora Vukk 5:05
13 Morphosis Too Far What Have We Learned 6:15
14 dBridge Decayed Mosiac - Volume One 7:31
15 Ada Happy Birthday Meine zarten Pfoten 6:14

UPDATE (22nd Feb 2012): sorry, this file is no longer available for download. Grab The Letter RSS feed for future mixes and compilations!

Also, for more of my favourite tracks from 2011, check out the last three "Compies".