I Love Soma

I Love Soma

16th Sep 2008

You may have previously read me heaping praise on Glasgow-based electronic dance music label Soma before, but after I received my latest purchase from them I felt compelled to write a quick post.

I've got a six-monthly subscription with Soma which means I get most of their releases in digital format (basically lots of quality music from the likes of Slam, Alex Smoke, Mark Henning, The Black Dog, Octogen and Let's Go Outside - to name but a few). However, due to licencing restrictions, the odd release is not available as part of the subscription, which is a shame but I'm prepared to pay extra every now and again when required... which is what I did recently with the release of Octogen's second long-player Gindofask.

The exciting bit: with my new album came a few extra goodies including:

  • The Black Dog single The Cost
  • Funk D'Void single Lovin'
  • two Sci Fi Hi Fi coasters (which are very very cool)

The lesson: in today's world of digital (and illegal) downloads, providing music lovers with an incentive to pay for their music makes great business sense... it's a pity more record labels don't do the same.