Happy New Year

5th Jan 2004

Phew! I had a good xmas break and completely ignored every website I had anything to do with for the whole two weeks!So, for the last couple of days I've been clearing out all the old crap from the previous doepud incarnations (like the multiple stylesheets) and opting for a simplified and refined version. There will only be two stylesheets: the default one and an alternative version with larger text.After receiving a digital camera as a xmas present from my wummin Lynne I now plan to create a collection of digital photography, incorporating digital graphic designs I've worked on.I've included a downloads page where I would eventually like to have a wide and diverse selection of wallpapers; some designed by myself and links to others that I have used myself in the past ... there's only one at the moment though!I've used a position:fixed hack to keep the menu on the right in a fixed position when viewed in IE 6, but unfortunately it is not validating as XHTML. If anyone has a workaround for the position:fixed workaround, then drop me a line ... cheers!