What holiday?

4th Jan 2005

First day back at work since the holidays. In summary: started bad and got worse before looking up.

The train station was emptier than a Scottish pay toilet because half the city were still in their beds apparently. I suggested to the nice man in the ticket office that, to compensate rail users for having no choice but to stand about for twenty-five minutes in the wailing wind and pissing rain because only a scanty rail service will be provided today, ticket prices should reflect this mandatory compromise. He thought that was a great idea.

Then I had to work all day.

Folk at my work are a miserable bunch by the way. Most of them don't even realise they are alive. A miserable bunch. I cheerily announced a collective "Happy New Year" to everyone in the office (simply to avoid the painful ritual of having to go round shaking hands and air kissing; it's worse than small talk). I needn't have bothered, all I received was an obligatory response delivered in a paltry murmur from two slightly enthusiastic individuals; did I expect anything else? No. Nobody cares if anybody has a happy new year or not. Perhaps it's a good thing that I never heard the words "Year", "New" and "Happy" mentioned in the same breath for the rest of the day.

5pm. Hometime. I ran the eight miles home in a gently buffeting breeze and refreshing rain. "L" had dinner on the table by the time I'd showered and changed.

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