Are the disabled revolting?

12th Mar 2006

An article on The Register suggests that there may be a massive revolt by disabled internet users in the aftermath of the PAS 78 document release.

The Disability Rights Commission plans to call upon disabled internet users to rise up against inaccessible website owners and help it take complaints with the force of law.

The problem at the moment is that when a disabled web surfer visits an inaccessible site they just move on to one that works for them... they don't complain.

So what should you do when you discover an inaccessible website? The obvious answer would be to contact the Disability Rights Commission with details of the offending site. And this action would be fine if you've heard of the DRC... but if you haven't, then what? Even doing a search on the subject doesn't help much.

I would have thought that if the DRC are wanting to be proactive in stamping out the major accessibility offenders they'd make it a bit clearer on their own site?

I'm considering adding a link to the footer (of this site at least) saying something like, Seen an inaccessible website? Complain about it to the Disability Rights Commission. Maybe this would work if everybody did the same?