Where's my head at?

20th Feb 2006

You may well ask.

Normally, with good intentions, I aim to sit down and write something witty, sharp and memorable to post on The Letter. I know I've done the tough bit and amassed a list of thoroughly riveting topics to harp on about... so what goes wrong? The simple answer: time and money.

I've been extremely busy for over a year; flat out in fact. Time has been at a premium, what with holding down a full-time job and then working my freelance part-time job on top of that; it added up to around 80 hours a week sometimes. Although I was earning extra money, things often got too sweaty and hot for my liking: so I handed in my notice.

Packing in my full-time job was the best thing I ever did, for many, many reasons. I won't bore you with the details except I'll say I'm happy to be exercising again.

Some noteworthy developments

  • Since December, my kitchen has been undergoing major development in the form of an extension. The slight discrepancy between floor levels has left a slightly unpalatable taste in my mouth but this matter is still to be resolved, so hopefully that will conclude satisfactorily.

    One pleasant part of this extension work is that my father has been joining the various tradesmen in plying his own skills. He's a painter and decorator and he's been stripping, filling, papering, rolling, brushing and almost-tripping-up-to-his-death-while-hanging-paper-in-the-high-stairwell. It's been eventful and a real joy to spend some quality time with the old man.

  • My decision to join the Guild of Accessible Web Designers last year was a defining one. I've developed many valuable contacts through GAWDS; contacts that have aided my transition to full-time freelancer much easier than it should have been. Here's a quick high-five to Jim for all his support and advice.

  • Accesites.org launched at the beginning of the year. This is a showcase site for accessible websites that look good too.

    Here at Accessites.org we will prove that accessible, usable websites built with universality and standards in mind need not be boring. We will show you stunning works of art crafted by some of today's most progressive accessible web developers and designers.

    As part of the team that reviews site submissions I'm getting involved in dissecting some high quality websites. It's a pleasure and a great opportunity to improve my own web-ducation.

So what do you expect?

I've heard many freelancers say that, after they have given up their full-time jobs to focus on their own work, they still find that time is always short. I'm optimistic that, now that I have a bit more time on my arms, I'll be able to afford a few minutes to pick a topic from the massive list scrawled on the whiteboard next the my PC and write something witty, sharp and memorable to post on The Letter.

Stay tuned... you'll love my story about my chimney.

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